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Tips on Keeping Your Pets Cool

This summer has proven to be a hot one, and it’s important to remember that our pets can as easily be affected by the heat as their humans. The Humane Society of the United States has some great tips on how to keep your pets cool. For the full story, go to their website, but here’s their quick list:

  • Never leave your pets in a parked car, not even for a minute
  • Watch the humidity; the higher the humidity, the more difficult it is for your pet to cool itself
  • Limit exercise on hot days; early morning or late evening is best
  • Don’t rely on a fan; fans do not effectively cool off pets
  • Provide ample shade and water; tree shade and tarps are best
  • Add ice cubes to your pet’s water for extra cooling
  • Keep your pet from overheating indoors or out with a cooling body wrap, vest or mat
  • Watch for signs of heatstroke, including heavy panting, rapid heartbeat, and lethargy, and contact your veterinarian

For details on these tips and more, please visit the Humane Society website.

Cat and dog resting together on bed

Wishing You a Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! Our main office will be closed on Monday, January 1. We are open on Saturday, Dec 30 from 9:00am-1:00pm, and we will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, January 2. Have a safe holiday weekend!


Looking to live in the DU neighborhood?

Whether you’re a student, a staff member, or just dig the vibe around the University of Denver, the DU area is a great place to live. This southeast Denver neighborhood features the University of Denver academic campus, which includes the Magness Arena sport and events facility and the Newman Center for the Performing Arts, and is surrounded by cafes, and a variety of bars and restaurants. Cherry Creek North shopping district is just a short drive away, and light rail affords easy access north to downtown Denver or south to the Tech Center.

Wheelhouse Apartments manages many apartment buildings in the DU neighborhood; studios, 1 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms are available. Check out our website for latest availability and to schedule a tour.

Apartment Availability in the DU Neighborhood

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